#FlashbackFriday –3 years ago I was in the thick of my divorce, was working crazy hours and was barely sleeping.

It was then that I herniated two discs in my back, leaving me in unbearable pain for months.

I was super fit, I was ‘healthy’, I worked out everyday and I was the strongest I’ve ever been….so why did my body fail me like that!? ?

It wasn’t a coincidence. My body literally FORCED me to slow down. This is an extreme example, but the point is…trying to just grin and bear it isn’t the best way to cope when things feel out of control.

It was the ultimate trifecta — stress, overtraining, and poor diet.

I set myself up to fail.

I always had the mindset of ‘not me’, I am stronger than that. I can handle anything life throws at me. And most of the time, I can. But I’ve learned that in times of chaos, some things can do more harm than good.

Exercise is a great stress reliever, but sometimes more is not always better. I work with my clients to help them evaluate everything that is going on in their lives and design a program that will challenge them in all the right ways, and help their bodies instead of causing harm. It’s totally okay to push it when things feel good, but when they don’t you are just setting yourself up for failure or injury.

These days I have a much more casual approach to fitness. I listen to my body, adapt when needed, and pay attention to what feels GOOD. I hope I can help you find that balance too. ⚖️

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