Do you need to workout 5 days a week to see results?

Short answer – It helps, but prob not at the intensity that you think. ?‍♀️

? Should you move your body 5 days a week? Absolutely. Does this mean that you are destroying yourself at the gym or doing hours of cardio every week? NO. ❌

I learned first hand the effects of overtraining, and I see it all the time with my clients. You feel strong, you feel good, so you want to keep pushing it harder. But what happens when you aren’t seeing the results you want anymore? Instead you are sore, tired, and not recovering the way you used to.

? Overtraining can lead to high cortisol levels, performance dips, and plateaus. So what should you do instead? Just not workout? (I wish it was that simple haha)

? We will be chatting about the effects of cortisol and other hormones and how you can shake up your routine to start seeing results again. I want you to feel GOOD about working out, and sometimes that means less is more (or simply doing something different!).

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Remember — Our bodies need time to rest, and if you are training hard every day you are never giving yourself time to recover eventually you are going to start feeling it. That’s why my clients are taught the importance of ACTIVE rest days. The days in between strength days where you do something low impact. Walk, bike, yoga, stretching. Moving your body while giving it the time it needs to heal and get ready for the next challenge. It’s all about balance, something not a lot of us are good at ?

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