Bulu Box Review

What is a Bulu Box? Is it just another monthly subscription box of samples that end up piled in the corner of my vanity? NO! Bulu Box is so much better!

I got the opportunity to sample Bulu Box this month. I must admit, I am a subscription box junkie. I love them. I like surprises and I love getting mail (ohhhh the things that excite us as we get older..haha).

So here’s the deal…

You get a box full of fun health and fitness related items for $10/month with free shipping. I got way more than $10 worth so I think that’s a pretty great deal! Also, you can review the items that you received for $6 towards the purchase a full sized product. You also get a really fun orange box for your child to play with.

What did I get?

– Urgent Rx Upset Stomach Relief
– Martha Stewart Vegetarian Multi Vitamin Gummies
-Movit Energy Gummies
-Nuvia Cafe Healthy Coffee
-Ovega-3 softgels
– BPI Sports FunnBar protein chews
-Naked Wines Voucher for $100 off


My hubby and I tried them all, I really liked the multivitamins and the protein chews. They tasted great! I also liked the variety of different products and that it wasn’t all related to weight loss but rather overall health and wellness. The generous sample sizes (especially the multivitamins) was an added bonus! There are definitely a few items in my box that I would consider ordering a full size version of.

The only problem I can see with this is that I am still very careful about what kind of supplements I take since I am nursing so I am reluctant to try anything that could transfer into milk. But, my husband loves trying new stuff so I just pass anything like that on to him!

Subscribe here and use code SWEATPINK for 50% off your 3,6 or 12 month subscription! That’s only $5 a box!

Please note, I was not compensated for this review and do not receive compensation for subscriptions.

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