4 tips to get you moving, Even when you really don’t want to ??

There have been many a morning where I’ve laid in bed knowing that I should get up and workout and then slowly but surely talk myself out of it. It’s far easier to come up with excuses than reasons to get it done.

The only thing holding you back is yourself. We can overthink ourselves out of a good decision, a great day or something you want to accomplish.

The key is to take the THINKING out of it. Here are some tips to make sure you get your workout done before you have time to think about it.

➡️Have your workout gear ready. Leave your dumbbells out, clear a space to exercise, and have your clothes ready all before you go to bed. The best part about working out at home is that there is no one to impress. If putting on workout clothes is the barrier between you and your workout then PJ’s it is.
➡️Have an easy-to-follow plan. The best thing about my 10-day fitness accelerator plan is that all you have to do is open the app, view your workout and get it done. No planning required.
➡️Have reminders. It’s easy to get distracted, and sometimes we just forget until it’s too late. My app sends you a daily reminder of what you need to accomplish each day and I love sending helpful tips to get you in the spirit. Another great strategy is to put it on your calendar and set an appointment with yourself.
➡️Strive for progress, not perfection. Don’t have time for a full workout? Do what you can with the kids around, squeeze in 10 minutes before bed or break it up throughout the day. In an ideal world we would all have an hour to ourselves to warmup, workout and have a nice long shower afterwards, but sometimes you just need to make it work! You know you will feel so much better after.

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