3 Reasons your Glute Exercises Aren’t Working

Here are my top 3 mistakes when it comes to working your glutes!

We all see the videos, all the exercises to “build your booty” or get the glutes you always wanted. But if you’re going to put the time into your workouts then you want to make sure you are doing them properly. There are a lot of ways to enhance your workouts and build better glutes but correcting these three mistakes will help you make immediate changes and help work the right muscles. 

Most of your common lower body exercises focus on the muscles of the glutes, hip, core and pelvic floor. It’s important to avoid just going through the motions and focusing on activating the right muscles, keeping proper alignment, and properly shifting your weight. The first step is to nail your form on exercises with no weights and then add resistance to make them harder. Adding resistance too soon can cause injuries and lead to nagging pains in your knees, hips or shoulders. 

So are you really getting the most out of your booty workout?

Here are my  3 mistakes that are preventing you from working the right muscles and probably causing pains in other areas. There are so many more things I could include in here but I will start with the basics !!

✖️ Not putting the weight in your heels✖️
You need to activate your posterior chain (the backside of our body) if you want to truly build strength through the glutes and hamstrings. Not having your weight in your heels puts undue strain on your quads and knees and takes the focus out of the glutes. Not good. You should be able to wiggle your toes when you’re in your squat.

✖️ Dumping into your supporting side. ✖️
Think of your spine as your center line. Keeping your weight center and focusing on the working leg will keep you from putting too much strain in the opposite hip in all the wrong ways. If you are feeling fire hydrants more in your supporting leg than the leg you’re working you probably need to tweak your form.

✖️ Not bracing your core. ✖️
Are your legs still working… yes. Could you get 10000% more out of the exercise if you use your core to hold yourself upright. YES. Don’t be sloppy. Breathe through the exercise and use the mindfulness techniques I mentioned in my article the other day to keep the focus in the glutes!

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