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STORYTIME ??‍♀️ At the end of last year, I was not feeling like myself at all.

I found out I had some hormone/thyroid issues which was throwing everything out of whack.

I also got a little lazy over the holidays, and tbh was just a little depressed over an unfortunate streak of life events.

⏭ By January I no longer fit into my favorite jeans…so I hid under baggy pants for a while, trying to muster up the motivation to get back into a good groove.

I know, I know… but honestly it wasn’t about the weight, it was knowing I could FEEL better mentally if I got back to a place where I was feeling strong and comfortable in my own skin.

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?So we booked a trip to Mexico in March and I committed to making my health a priority again. (I don’t do crash diets or crazy challenges so 90 days seemed do-able)

➑️ 12 weeks of consistent workouts, MORE good, nutritious food, and less staying up late self sabotaging means that I felt freaking FANTASTIC by the time we got to the resort.

I bought myself some new bathing suits as a reward, oh hey ?(like this orange one!) and between feeling great about my body and having way more energy again, we had a fantastic trip.

. That’s why I created my signature 90 day program.

#StrongForSummer starts April 4th!!

I want you to be a part of it! I only opened up 40 spots this round and we are more than HALF WAY full.

➑️ Snag your spot before they are gone! Your future self will thank you.

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