No equipment exercises for posture and core…

These no equipment exercises will improve your posture and core strength (especially great if you have diastasis recti)!

1) Isometric rows against wall. Key to doing this properly is to flatten your low back towards the wall into neutral spine, breathe OUT before starting the exercise, engage your abs by pulling your bellybutton in. Pull your arms back and press your shoulders and elbows into the wall for 3 seconds. Repeat 5-10x

2) Vacuum twists- I put my hands on my shoulders only because I find if I put them on my hips or behind my head I’m more likely to internally rotate my shoulders (hunch forward) which I’m trying to avoid. How to do —- breathe out, suck your bellybutton to your spine, feel like you are knitting your ribs together. Twist side to side without moving your hips. Don’t be afraid to make weird grunting noises. ?

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