When our old patterns don’t work anymore…

This has been an interesting experiment, and maybe a good change to my workout routine. These last 8 weeks I haven’t been able to just go workout uninterrupted for an hour or two (so funny how that happens with children at home ?) so I’ve really switched up my training program. Been doing a lot more 20-30 min workouts, often just picking a workout I programmed for one of my virtual clients that day. ?
Crazy thing… it’s still working. I feel great, my energy is high, I’m not overly sore, my core is strong as ever and I fit into all my cute summer clothes. ??‍♀️
My point being, sometimes we need a swift change of routine to make us realize that our old patterns aren’t working for us anymore. These days less is more for me, and my main goal is to stay consistent. I’m so grateful for the tribe of women showing up for me everyday…the motivation is contagious! Thank you ?

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