What does a balanced week of workouts look like?

I can tell you what it doesn’t look like….cardio every day. ?

Tbh, I rarely schedule cardio for my clients more than twice a week. It’s not necessary and can actually keep you from your goals if you are doing it instead of strength training.

? Instead you want to focus on hitting all the major muscle groups throughout the week.

This could look like 3 longer full body workouts, or splitting it up into shorter workouts throughout the week.

➡️ In my 7-day workout challenge we will be doing just that. 6 short workouts, all less than 20 minutes, hitting all the major muscles, with a splash of high intensity worked in to get you sweating.

Oh, and paying attention to your core…EVERYDAY. Because if your core is weak, everything else is going to suffer too (and that just leads to poor form and injuries).

Have you signed up? ? My spots on the app are filling up FAST, and since I am not running a FREE program like this again until the fall, I don’t want you to miss it! here is the link https://www.fitmamaprograms.com/7-day-challenge

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