We have all been there…it’s easy to lose motivation when life gets crazy. ?

Moving, returning to work, traveling, special events. These are all things that throw my clients (and myself!) off track.

I knew that this was going to be a busy summer, so I made an extra effort to find outside accountability to keep me from skipping my workouts because that’s the first thing that goes when you have a billion other things to do.

I’m actually pretty impressed that I’ve been able to get in 4-5 workouts a week still…so I thought I’d share a few tips on how I made it happen…

➡️ I made sure I was signed up for an exercise class twice a week (paid in advance) and put it in my calendar so I wouldn’t miss it.
➡️ I planned out our meals and made sure the house was stocked with groceries so we weren’t tempted to just eat out more than usual
➡️ I’ve been checking in more with friends and have been verbal about my plans. Simply telling someone, “Im going to ride the bike when I get home”, can make a difference!”
➡️ I scheduled calls with my business coach and assistant to keep me accountable to what I need to get done.
➡️ I remind myself that I always feel better after a workout, even if it feels like a struggle to get off the couch.
➡️ I’ve given myself some grace. Taking a day to do nothing is okay too!

We are moving this weekend, and although I’m super sad to leave our cute Montecito home, it’s time to move on. We aren’t moving far! So not much will really change in the long run.

PS… How the heck do we have SO MUCH STUFF. Every time I move I seriously consider being a major minimalist, but I’m pretty sure TRC and the kids would NOT be on board…haha

PPS… I’m still slowly losing it, but working out has helped ?

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