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Need a customized workout program that fits with your summer plans?

SUMMER SESSIONS is a 10-week 1:1 online coaching program designed for YOU, a busy mom with a hectic summer schedule.

Commit now to get personalized workouts and daily accountability to help you stay on track this summer, regardless of what life throws at you.

Next cohort starts JUNE 13th

I WANT IN FOR $75 OFF! (Regular $170/month)

Everyone's summer plans look different, which is why there is no one size fits all approach to exercise.

At a fraction of the cost of 1:1 training, SUMMER SESSIONS includes...

  • 10 weeks of custom workouts on the app to help you reach your goals
  • Thoughtfully-designed progressive plans for general strength and conditioning, weight loss, postpartum recovery, injury prevention, or for those looking to achieve their next athletic milestone.
  • Family-friendly workouts to fit your lifestyle, equipment availability, and vacation plans.
  • Weekly workout calendar, frequent check-ins, access to our intuitive app and video exercise library
  • Nutrition guidance and accountability, coaching on lifestyle change and time management strategies.
  • Unlimited in-app messaging access to ask questions, modify your program and keep you moving forward.
  • Traveling? No worries. I will design short, no equipment workouts, so you can stay consistent and maintain your progress.
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Think of how much closer to your goals you will be if you can stay consistent all summer.

Do you struggle to workout when you have kids, daily responsibilities, and work pulling you in all directions?

Does life throw you off track and leave you feeling lost and unmotivated to start again?

Do you need the accountability of someone checking in to keep you engaged?

Do you struggle with your nutrition and find yourself grabbing for quick, unhealthy food choices?

Do you feel like you are constantly starting from scratch when tackling your health goals?

Do you have a hard time making self-care a priority?

Do you have specific issues that need to be addressed and want to find a fitness pro you can trust? 

Meet your Coach - Natasha Caleel
CPT, MSc, HonsBKin

Founder of Fit Mama Santa Barbara

Hi! I'm Natasha. Your fitness pro and postpartum guru.

When I had my daughter in 2014 I experienced first hand how challenging it was to work exercise into my day. I had lingering pains and weakness from pregnancy and I realized that going back to my old gym routine wasn't an option at the time.

I've worked in the healthcare and wellness industry since graduating from Kinesiology in 2009. My work with women taught me that many workout programs ignore the issues that most new moms are faced with.

Not feeling like yourself in your own body affects your mood, self esteem, sex drive and motivation to get back into a routine. 

I strive to help you love your body again and feel strong and ready to take on anything in life. Need to scoop up a screaming toddler or push a stroller up a steep hill? My programs will give you the ability and strength you need to know that you can handle it!

My education and expertise makes me best suited to address issues such as diastasis recti (ab separation), pelvic floor dysfunction, poor posture, nutrition concerns, and pregnancy related injuries. 

Our Clients Speak For Us

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I WANT IN FOR $75 OFF! (Regular $170/month)

This Revolutionary App is Where the Magic Happens

Know exactly what you need to do everyday

Track workouts and let your coach know you got it done

View workouts and access library of over 500 instructional videos

Unlimited messaging to your coach to check in on your progress, ask questions and stay on track


Life is all about balance. So many fitness professionals overprescribe exercise and set unrealistic goals for their clients. I take the time to discuss what is important to you and how we can make that happen while leaving time for the other people in your life demanding your attention.

The one on one support will have you feeling valued and heard throughout the entire process. It's time to step up and start feeling strong and confident in your own skin again.

Let's do this mama!

I WANT IN FOR $75 OFF! (Regular $170/month)


Workout Scheduler
Set up your calendar by filling in your other commitments. I'll design your workouts and add them in.

Exercise Library Watch videos of me demonstrating all the exercises while providing helpful tips.

Zoom Meetings
We can chat, work out, laugh, check in on your form and hold space to discuss your wins and struggles.

Progress Photos & Measurements
Keep all your data in one place. Upload photos to the app so I can monitor progress and tweak your plan.

Nutritional Support
Develop a plan, get meal ideas, set goals and stay accountable.

Constant Contact
Message us with questions, feedback and to check in weekly on your progress. Expect to hear from me when you skip a few workouts!


What equipment do I need?

We work with whatever equipment you have. Only have a band or dumbbells? Great! Your programs will include those. Need recommendations for what to buy for a home gym? I got you. Like to go to the gym but need a routine to do once you get there? No problem. 

What is the cost?

Summer Sessions is on sale until 6/13 for 3 payments of $115 over the next 10 weeks. That works out to only $35/week!

Do I have to be in California?

No! We work across timezones and as long as you have an internet connection you can access your workouts from anywhere. This is especially great if you are planning to travel or relocate this summer.

Do I get access to you directly?

Yes! The value in this program is in your direct access to me, your coach to help you reach your goals and get the most out of the program. We will communicate over messages, zoom, phone calls, whatever is easiest for you. Summer Sessions includes 3 30-minute 1:1 sessions (this can be a call, zoom, or text convo) and unlimited in-app messaging. Check-in on your goals, ask nutrition questions or get feedback on your workouts so we can make sure you are getting what you need. 

What is the time commitment?

You get to choose how many days, and how long your workouts need to be to ensure you can ACTUALLY get them in. Want 10-minute workouts every day? Great! Prefer 3 days of longer workouts, I got you. I will curate a personalized plan to fill the entire 10 weeks.

What if I want to do other activities too?

Do you have other things you like to do? I am all about variety and will work that into your program. Like to ride the bike, go on hikes, or are training for a half marathon? I will design your program around these activities to make sure your workouts complement your training so you can avoid overtraining or injuries. 

How will you help with my nutrition?

In our monthly check in's we will discuss nutrition goals, special concerns, and meal ideas. You will also receive our nutrition guide and other helpful resources. I am all about making healthy eating work for you, so it is a positive addition to your life, not a burden. The best part? You have unlimited messaging throughout the month to ask questions and stay accountable to your plan.

Next steps...

To ensure you get the attention you deserve spots are limited to 10 clients this summer. Not sure? Book a consult below to ensure we are a good fit!

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