Serratus Anterior Muscle – Why Do We Need to Strengthen This During Pregnancy and Postpartum?

Guess what…taking care of a baby is hard work, and requires a ton of holding, lifting, and reaching. This can result in tightness through the neck and chest, and pain through the upper back.
Do you get….
Numb arms?
Deep pain behind your shoulder blade?
Neck pain?
Feel like you’re having a hard time ‘pulling your shoulders’ back and engaging your core?
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Most people think the answer is simply stretching more, standing up taller and wearing a very ergonomic baby carrier. These things help, but if you aren’t strengthening some of those hidden key muscles, the problem is probably not going to get any better.

Enter — Serratus Anterior. The muscle you probably don’t even know you have! (unless you’re super ripped, then you MAY be able to see it)
This is a fan-shaped muscle that wraps around the rib cage on either side of the torso, running from the thorax to the shoulder blade.
It plays a key role in arm movement, shoulder position and breathing. It’s often neglected in workouts, and doing a few simple exercises can make SO much of a difference both during and after pregnancy.
Think of how many times you do a forward reaching motion with a newborn? Picking up from the crib, reaching for items while you’re nursing, holding a baby in your lap. When the serratus is doing it’s job you are able to use all the muscles of the torso, instead of relying on little muscles like pec minor to do most of the work.
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