Know what you need. ‼️This year has brought with it a whole new wave of “online trainers” and it makes me laugh a little.

❌Just because you workout, doesn’t make you a fitness professional.

❌Just because you had a baby doesn’t make you a postpartum expert.

❌Just because you like food, doesn’t make you a dietician or nutritionist.

Be weary of what info you’re consuming. Does that mean all these people aren’t passionate about what they do? No! There are a lot of really passionate and knowledgeable people out there. But should you give them your $$ before checking out their experience and credentials? Probably not.

The reality is the fitness industry is NOT regulated (sigh) so anyone can call themselves whatever they want and it’s up to you to figure out if they’re full of sh*t or not. ?‍♀️

What should you look for?
If they say things like “corrective exercise” or “mobility specialist” you probably are looking for someone who has a background in kinesiology or rehabilitation, not a YouTube university graduate ? #sorrynotsorry

PT, CPT and DPT are not the same thing. It’s actually the difference of about 7 years of study. Most people don’t realize this when looking at peoples titles. Also, certifications aren’t always held to certain standards. I once got a personal trainer certification in about 10 minutes online after filling out a simple ‘test’ and paying my fee?

Do they have real life experience? Have they worked with real people for many years in and have problem solved real issues?

Virtual training is tricky because you need the experience to be able to SEE over video what someone is doing wrong and have the knowledge to tell them how to correct it.

So if you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, an accountability buddy…truly anyone can be a great “online trainer” and help a lot of people in those ways!

If you’re looking to learn proper form, prevent injuries, have a well designed plan and reach your fitness and nutrition goals safely and effectively maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper. ?

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