I recently did a 6 week walking challenge. Want to know what I got out of it? ⤵️

Plantar fasciitis ?

Just kidding, sorta…there’s more! But if you’re thinking of doing something like this keep reading….

I was intentional about the timing of this challenge. I set myself up to start at the beginning of September right before we were going to move. Why? I knew I would have a hard time staying accountable to my gym workouts so it gave me the motivation to move my body everyday.

➡️ Did I lose weight? Maybe a few pounds. But let’s be honest it was mostly muscle I lost and it didn’t look great. No one wants to be skinny fat.

➡️ Did I feel good? YES! I love forcing myself to get outside to walk every night. It’s good for the soul (and the dog) but some days when I was particularly beat and I was walking on the treadmill at 10:00 at night to get my steps in it made me wonder if this is truly helpful ?

What would I do instead? ➡️ I LOVE accountability challenges, but I don’t love programs like this that only incorporate a BS cardio goal. ? If someone is telling you that you need to do 60 min of cardio everyday and skip the strength training, please turn around and walk the other way. ❌?

Lastly, This was a good reminder to me that I NEED to incorporate strength workouts. The first time I did a challenge like this I looked ? because I still had a lot of muscle on me so I did shred down.

➡️ This time, I went in with less muscle so I was left looking a little soft and deflated. — moral of the story ….alternating between strength training and shred workouts is key. ?

What are your thoughts? Have you done a step challenge?

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