Hey mama… When will you stop asking yourself “Will I workout today”? but rather “What am I going to do for my workout”?

This is what I strive for with my clients. AUTOMATION. ⭐️

My clients look forward to moving their body and acknowledge that exercise can look different depending on the day, time of year, and current goals. (and you better believe I hold them accountable to that)

Picture this ➡️ You are on vacation ? , you can’t do your regular workouts but you know if you don’t do anything and eat like shit all week you’re going to feel even worse when you get home and it will be X number of days until you can get motivated to get into it again.

It’s OKAY to go for a power walk, it’s OKAY to do a 10 minute core workout. (It still counts ?) It’s OKAY to have ice cream with the kids and eat in moderation the rest of the day. And doing these things will not only keep you from having vacation remorse but keep you moving forward so you can get right back to it when you get home (instead of in 2 weeks when you finally get the laundry done, get the kids in camp, and catch up on work).

This is what we focus on during #SummerSessions 10 week 1:1 program. And we start June 13th!!

You need this mama. For you, for your body, for your sanity ?

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