Gosh, I haven’t posted a #workoutwednesday in a long time ? …

Sometimes I get sucked into needing to look “put together” in order to film a video, but I’m going to just go back to filming quick snippets between clients! Messy hair and all ?

Here’s a great intermediate core and arms that you can do in less than 10 minutes. I like this because it makes you focus on coordinating your breathing with your movements to keep your core engaged while working the opposite arm (so you get a lot of oblique action to stabilize).

This is the kind of stuff that carries over into real life and leads to lasting results.

Do 3-4 rounds
➡️ 10 Crunch with Leg Lowers
➡️ 10/side Side plank with Delt Raise
➡️ 10/side bird dog with weight
➡️ 10 alternating plank hip dips

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