Don’t be afraid to suck at something new. ‼️

This is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. I was raised to believe that you must strive to be great at everything you do. I come from a family of athletes (well at least on my dads side, sorry mom ?) so they took sports very VERY seriously. I mean…even a fun family bowling night would end up in competition, endless corrections, and maybe a few tears on my end. I was a sensitive kid. ?

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing…it helped me excel in all areas of my life… school, work, hobbies. But it also made me scared to try anything I wasn’t positive I would be good at.

With age comes wisdom, and what I have learned is that a) you don’t have to be good at everything and b) you can always learn.

I also learned that there is so much power in hiring a coach. Not your dad, not your husband… but someone who doesn’t judge and simply strives to provide a safe space for you to learn.

Much like how I am with my clients, I truly believe everyone has to start somewhere, so even if you have never held a dumbbell in your life, oh well! That’s what I am here for.

This year I decided to take up a new sport…(as you have probably seen on my stories). TENNIS! ? And no, I’m not great, but I’m trying…and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

I’m learning to stop buying into self limiting beliefs, the ones that would usually stop me from trying anything new in the first place. You can never get better at something if you go into it with the wrong attitude right? — More about this later… ?

We can all learn something new, you just have to be okay with sucking at it first.

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