Do you use a Peloton or the app?? …If so, I did something kind of fun… ?

I’ve had so many ladies ask me for guidance on what classes to do on their Peloton to get the best results.

Answer ➡️ Riding every single day and forgetting strength training and recovery days is not the way to losing weight and building a strong and lean body!!

I’m here to help. I created a FREE monthly calendar with a class to do everyday (including all the links to make it easy!). This will not only help keep you on track, but also give you a framework to help you build your best body ever.

You can print it out or save it on your phone, and upload the classes into your Peloton app so you have everything ready to go on your schedule. ?

All you need to do is click the link in bio — enter your email and the calendar will be sent to you before the start of each month!

Added bonuses
? Facebook group for accountability, ask questions and make requests for next month.
? Special bonuses’ and discounts on Fit Mama online programs each month
? Nutrition tips and guidance as we go

So grab your download and tag a fellow #pelotonmom below to start May strong with you! ?‍♂️?


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