Do you find that even though you have downtime you can’t find a way to decompress amongst the chaos of the holidays? ?

Try these strategies if you’re feeling overwhelmed (or easily get sensory overload like me)

1️⃣ Turn your phone on DND. The constant buzzing of notifications can increase stress and feelings of urgency. (I need to do more of this ?)

2️⃣ Noise canceling headphones. If you don’t do this. I highly recommend.

3️⃣ F the highlight reel. Mute those who aren’t serving you right now (well except me ? jk)

4️⃣ Walk outside barefoot, or if it’s too cold for that just lay on the floor and focus on letting your body be heavy and grounded

5️⃣ Make a to do list. I love lists, and in complete transparency sometimes I add extra stuff on there just so I can check it off ?

6️⃣ Practice gratitude. I’m not great at this, but writing it down helps.

7️⃣ Go for a brisk walk! Make it at least 30 minutes and get your heart rate up.

8️⃣ Practice deep breathing. Activating the nervous system through the diaphragm is SO key for emotional regulation

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