Can you really get results with 20 minute workouts?

YES. So much YES. ✅

The days of grinding it out for hours on an elliptical are long gone, and fortunately, people are starting to recognize that there are other ways to get fit.
Working strength training into your routine will not only help you get the results that you want (toned, lean muscles, better metabolism, better body composition) but it will also help keep you strong for the long run and decrease your risk of injuries and age-related muscle wasting.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working with busy women, who are looking for a way to work exercise into their day however they can. I’ve found that keeping workouts short not only leads to better results but helps people stay on track…so they are less likely to give up after missing a few workouts.

➡How much time did you spend scrolling on social media today?
I’m going to guess it’s at least 20 minutes. We can all find a million excuses to not workout, but ultimately…everyone can find time for a 20-minute workout.

? I help empower women to know that they CAN do it, and a little guidance can go a long way. ?

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