Binge eating, my 5 biggest tips for cutting out!

We’ve all been there, you’ve had a rough day, and comfort food just feels good. But when this becomes a regular routine it is more than just ‘cutting out the snacks’

1) Identify the cause/trigger – if you are eating/drinking in response to stress, and it is followed by guilt and shame, you may need more help than a nutrition coach can offer you. I screen for this with my clients and refer to therapists who specialize in this. In my past work life I incorporated CBT/DBT for behavior change with patients and it works wonders.

2) Don’t eat out of big bags/containers. Seriously. Buying single serving snacks or pre-portioning them can help decrease mindless eating behavior.

3) Stop yourself in the cycle. Ask, am I hungry or am I tired, bored, stressed, thirsty. Wait 30 min and decide if you still need to eat more.

4) Eat enough nutrient dense food at meals so you aren’t reaching for snacks later. The more satisfied you are, the less junk you reach for.

5) Don’t go grocery shopping hungry, sad or upset. This is when grocery delivery services come in handy.

If your health goals are being derailed by binge eating it’s time to start implementing some new strategies. By stopping the cycle you will not only feel better but will start to see results from all the rest of your hard work! You got this mama. ?

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