Big question I get…. “How do I choose quality meat?”

?This is what Thomas always says. And it makes sense. If the food you are eating is eating crap, you probably don’t want to eat it. ?

Animals that are fed low quality grains and food, injected with hormones and raised in poor environments produce some pretty toxic meat (which is usually marketed as the perfectly safe less expensive option ?)

Personally, we’d much rather eat less meat of higher quality. Or choose higher quality off cuts to save some $$

Beware of words like ‘natural’ and ‘fresh’ and look for meat or fish that is sustainably raised, free-range or wild caught, organic, and preferably from a local farm or fisherman.

Obviously it’s hard to hit all of these without spending an absolute fortune every week so honestly, just do your best. Getting a little creative with your meal planning helps too. We talked about all of this in our webinar a while back!

Side note ? grass fed is only for beef, lamb and goat… it’s impossible for pork or chicken to be grass fed ? (I actually had no idea haha)

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