Babywearing Exercises

babywearing workouts Wanted to repost these from instagram so they are all in the same spot! As I make new ones (believe me there will be some more coming!) I will post them here.

These are great little snippets of what kind of routines I can create just for you! Do you have a baby? Do you like to workout at home, outside, or at the gym, but are never quite sure what to do?? Do you need help with your nutrition and crave the accountability of someone checking in on you to keep you on track? Contact me today to ask about my online training services! With services starting at just $10 a week I will help you reach your health and wellness goals and offer you the personal support of a trainer without the cost and hassle of leaving the house!


Last day of my babywearing workout series!! ? Follow and tag a friend! Today’s #babywearing #core #homeworkout! Try this circuit, do exercises consecutively, repeat for 4 rounds. ?Side Crunches 15 reps on each side ?Standing Oblique twists 20 reps ?Wall sit with TA Activation (to activate your TA abs tight feel like your pulling your belly button to your spine! Do a kegal at the same time for bonus points) Rest 1 minute Repeat! ?? Core exercises while babywearing are challenging to do (for obvious reasons), it’s important to maintain good posture (keep shoulders back, stand up tall) , always stabilize against a wall for balance, and engage your core throughout to avoid injury. Email me at natasha@fitmamasb.com if you have any questions or want more exercise ideas for your own specific needs!! ? #babywearingworkout #homeworkout

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