2015 Mothers Day Gift Guide

2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Fit Mom in your life (even if that happens to be yourself) !

1. Fitbit Step Counter– If you haven’t read my review yet, read it here. Nothing makes you feel more productive than racking up steps just doing chores around the house! Find them online or at a Best Buy or REI near you. ($99.00-$129.00)
Fitbit flex review
2. Tooks Headband with Built in Headphones  – I just recently purchased this for myself since my headphones were always falling out when I ran outside. Love them. I can listen to my music and keep my ears covered at the same time (yes… I know, sounds crazy because I am in California but I have super sensitive ears that hurt in the wind so a headband is a necessity) $19.99. Order online and use code TOOKSTEN for 10% off.

3. LUCY Athletic Wear – I just tried this brand for the first time recently, and I have to say I really like their stuff. It’s not cheap, comparable to other top brands out there, but definitely good quality and designed with the ‘mom’ in mind. I love my Endurance Run Capri ($79.00). They pretty much thought of everything with these pants from mesh ventilation and extra pockets. If you live in Santa Barbara be sure to attend their Mother’s Day Event! By letting them know you are a client or follower of Fit Mama Santa Barbara you get 20% off your purchase from 10:00-2:00 PM on Saturday May 9th!
LUCY La Cumbre
4. Asics Running Shoes – If you are looking for a good pair of running shoes stop right here. These shoes rock my world. Not only do they look great (they come in funky colors) but the supportive insoles and gel cushion make running a whole lot more comfortable. If you are into cross training or weightlifting they have shoes for that too!  Find them for $65-$170, You can buy online or at any sports store near you. If you live near an outlet store even better! Remember, running shoes are kind of like bras, you need to find a pair that fit you perfectly in order to be comfortable all day!
5. Indoor Culinary Herb Starter Growing Kit – One thing I hate is buying herbs at the market. I buy a whole bunch of parsley to use one piece and end up throwing the rest out! Why not grow them at home with an indoor kit? I’ve never tried this, but it’s definitely on my to do list. Order one online here ($34.99)!

herb growing mothers day gifts
6. Too Faced – The Little Black Book of Bronzers – $60.00  at Sephora.com. You know what the secret to a healthy glow is when you have a baby? Good bronzer. This pack of eight unique bronzers is great for the person who isn’t sure what color looks best or who’s skin tone changes throughout the year. My morning makeup routine takes me about 2 minutes flat but I never miss this step. I use Pink Leopard because the subtle blush tones take away from the zombie look on extra bad mornings.
Too Faced Cosmetics Bronzer
7. Baby Bullet – Okay, I admit, I totally thought this was unnecessary when I put it on my baby registry. But now that our 6 month old is eating real food, I love it. I can easy puree pretty much anything that I have in the fridge for a quick meal for her. The little containers are great for storing food for a couple days and have a little date reminder on them too! The price is a little steep at $59.99 but you can buy it online from Bed Bath and Beyond and use a 20% off coupon (you know those ones you get ALL the time). Free shipping on orders over $49.00.
mothers day gift guide 2015

8. For Two Fitness Maternity Tops – These are a really great gift for the Fit Mom to be! With cute sayings you are sure to find one that suits the pregnant mama in your life. They are great quality, long enough to cover a bump and are suitable for any activity. Can’t wait to wear one of these next time I’m pregnant! $49-$56 Order online here, free shipping on orders over $75 or $5 flat rate.
for two fitness tanktop training for two
9. Life Factory Glass Water Bottle – So we all know that you must drink more water while nursing, but it seems to be harder and harder to remember when you are taking care of a little one. Get one of these awesome glass bottles to help motivate you to stay hydrated. $22.99-$25.99 for 22oz bottle. Order them online here or find at a retailer near you.
Life Factory Glass Water Bottle
10. Photo Book – So you know all those photos on your iPhone or on Facebook? Why not make them into a pretty photo book that you can keep forever! I like to make one of these once a year to showcase some of the best times that we had together as a couple (and now as a family!) There are lots of websites that offer this service, and Shutterfly.com is always running sales to be sure to check for coupon codes before ordering!

Also, if you didn’t know this, before I order anything online (or even when I go to certain stores like Michaels) I always check www.retailmenot.com for current coupon codes. Most of the time you can save something or at least get free shipping!

There you have it! My top ten wish list for mothers day (or any day really) this year. Happy shopping!

Be sure to check out my next blog post that I am currently working on analyzing the ‘Risks and Benefits of Endurance Training’.

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