?This is a super general guide. So keep reading ⤵️

Every BODY, and every cycle is different, but it may help explain why you perform better on certain days of the month.

?Lifestyle & nutrition also play a huge role in hormone health.

Some people REALLY feel the hit of progesterone during the second half of the month, while others hardly notice. ?‍♀️

? So does this mean you shouldn’t go hit a Crossfit workout after ovulation? No. Just don’t be surprised if you can’t hit your 1 rep max, or you need more time to warmup and cooldown.

By learning your own body’s rhythm and knowing when you should push yourself and when you should back off can really help you feel more balanced, have less workout guilt (remember, not every workout has to be your best workout), and allow your body to recover properly so you can continue to make progress month after month.

Questions?? Drop them below!!

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