Prenatal and Postnatal

Now offering a FREE Prenatal/Postnatal workshop for pregnant and postpartum Mom’s! If you are part of a group or birth class in Santa Barbara and would like me to present at one of your meetings please send me an email at natasha@fitmamasb.com to schedule.

Exercise during pregnancy greatly contributes to a healthy and successful labor and delivery. There are many health benefits to exercising during pregnancy such as minimizing weight gain, increasing energy, maintaining strength, increasing mood, promoting better sleep, and conditioning your body for labor. Most people are hesistant to continue exercising while pregnant due to fears of hurting themselves or the baby. Under proper direction and medical supervision you too can reap the rewards of physical activity while pregnant! For the new Mamas out there, there are many reasons why personal training is the right choice for you. I am able to develop a workout program tailored to your particular needs, instruct you on how to workout safely and efficiently, and help you set and achieve goals as you continue on your journey of health. Contact Us today to book a consultation!

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