Online Training

Are you looking to lose weight, increase strength, or simply improve your fitness for a healthier life? Join one of my online training programs. With a variety of affordable and comprehensive plans I promise  I will help you find a program suitable for your lifestyle and budget.

So what does this include? I create full workouts designed just for you and provide daily accountability and nutritional advice. With my background in fitness and rehabilitation, I can create personalized online workout plans to suit your wellness goals. For a fraction of the cost of other programs, my one-on-one online services will help you to achieve your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle goals, anytime and any place. For more information contact us today!

If you are unsure if online training is right for you click here to fill out a few brief questions so we can get started.

**NEW** 6 week program starting this month. This is exclusive to women in Santa Barbara County. It is truly the best of both worlds! 1:1 in home training, plus weekly workouts and daily nutritional guidance and accountability. This program is just what you have been looking for, it’s hard to do it on your own and I am here to help. Reap the benefits of personal training, the daily accountability of an online program, while never having to leave the house. Contact me for more information.

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