Mommy Brain Postpartum

So they say that women have issues with their memory while pregnant (often called mommy brain!). Well, I am fairly convinced that mommy brain continues for months and possibly years postpartum! I used to have an amazing memory (seriously, nearly photographic), which helped me in so many aspects of life including school, work and friendships.  So what happened?! I am 10 months postpartum, and I still have days where I cannot remember why I went to the store, or if I brushed my teeth in the morning.

Breastfeeding and Weight Loss

As a trainer for women postpartum, the #1 concern I hear from almost all my clients usually has to do with breastfeeding. An understandable and completely valid concern! It’s true that you must eat extra to sustain breastfeeding, but studies have shown that some calorie restriction can help weight loss without affecting infant growth.

If you read my other article here on breastfeeding and exercise you will discover that exercise usually does not affect milk supply and composition, but what about diet?

Working Out, Without The Workout?

The easiest way to reach your health and fitness goals are to make overall changes in your everyday life. The most common complaints heard from my clients throughout the years usually revolve around not having enough time to get their workouts in. Life happens. Between work, children and other responsibilities it can get a little crazy and sometimes it’s just not feasible to workout more than a couple days a week.

What are Macros?

What are Macros?

So if you read health magazines or follow fellow fitness junkies on Instagram you may of heard the word ‘macros’ being thrown around a lot lately. So what are macros?! Why are they so important?

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