Black Friday Deals 2015

So, I admit… I am a big online shopper. Partly because I get a thrill out of finding the best deal and also because I can’t get a lot of the items I am looking for in Santa Barbara. That being said, I am
BLACK FRIDAY shopping from my couch tonight! Way better than battling the crowds. Here are my top 5 finds for fellow Fit Mama’s!

I’ve recently fallen in love with the quality of their activewear. Shop this weekend for up to 40% off select styles! FREE shipping.
lole black friday

This is my go to online store for all things cloth diapers, mama cloth, babywearing, etc ,etc. I grabbed some new Funky Fluff diapers for 15% off and got a free Lalabyebaby wetbag! FREE shipping.

As you probably know if you follow me on Instagram, I love my LILLEbaby carrier(s). I was very very close to ordering another before my husband saw what I was doing and in his sweet innocent way said…”I think you may have enough baby carriers right now…” BUT, this is the biggest sale of the year and they are all 25% OFF! That’s huge! Grab one while they are still on sale. Use Code THANKFUL25, includes FREE shipping.
lille baby black friday

The makers of everything yoga are offering 20% off and FREE shipping over $25. Pretty good deal if you need a new yoga mat, resistance ball, or other form of home equipment.

I have been obsessing over these designer leather diaper bags lately. I have not bought one as they are a bit outside my price range but I have high hopes of winning one of the 1000 contests I’ve entered. (Mom.. if you need a Christmas idea I’ll take an Elizabeth…lol jk :p !!) I was super tempted tonight when I saw they are on sale and you get a FREE leather care and 50% off accessories. Check them out!

lily jade black friday

What Black Friday Deals did you take advantage of?? I’d love to hear! Comment below 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

black friday fit mom deals

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Staph Bacteria

So why am I writing about Staph? Because it’s way more common than you think and could be lurking at a gym or grocery store near you.

According to staph is a bacteria that can affect all different areas of the body. It often presents itself as a skin infection in children and adults and can be called Impetigo, Cellulitis, or boils. It’s not pretty, is usually an oozing, red, swollen area of skin that is painful. Some infections, like impetigo, are highly contagious (hence why it is often seen in children).


You can develop a staph infection out of the blue from bacteria that you have probably been carrying around for a while. Some infections are contagious and are transferred from person to person through the skin to skin contact or on objects like door handles, towels, or gym equipment.  Staph bacteria can even survive extreme temperatures and high levels of salt! MRSA (a type of staph) is even resistant to antibiotics and is becoming a major problem in long-term care facilities and hospitals.

staph infection on skin


As usual, prevention is your best defense. Hand washing, sanitizing objects that you touch such as a shopping cart or doorknobs. Also, wiping down gym equipment BEFORE you use it (I always like to think the person before I must have wiped it down, but after working in a gym for so long I should know better).

Preventing it from spreading in your home is also important.  The infection is usually contagious for up to 24 hours after you start antibiotics. Wrap the area in breathable gauze to prevent it from contaminating objects and people in your home. Wash all the sheets, towels, and clothing the person may have came in contact with (I like to throw some bleach in there), and wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer before touching anything. It sounds a little extreme, but this isn’t something you want to mess with, especially with a baby in the house.

Also, staph is most likely to spread through contact with skin abrasions or skin conditions such as eczema. So if you have broken skin be extra careful and keep a close eye on it if you notice it starts to look exceptionally red or inflamed. If not treated staph can lead to endocarditis (inflammation of the heart) and septic shock.


Treatment often involves antibiotics, either in cream form, pills or both. Occasionally if it gets into your blood stream, it can require hospitalization and IV medication. Uncomplicated infections usually clear up in a couple days after you start antibiotics, and are no longer contagious in 12-24 hours. If it doesn’t clear up be sure to see your healthcare provider as it could be an antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA.

Now you know everything you never wanted to know about that pesky bacteria called staph and how to prevent it from spreading! All the more reason to have a trainer come to you so you can workout in the comfort of your own home!

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Kinesiotaping for Diastasis Recti Postpartum

Kinesiotaping technique for Diastasis Recti postpartum. Flatten your tummy, heal your diastasis and recover faster with use the use of kinesiotape. Taping combined with proper exercise and avoiding certain activities will help heal your diastasis and restore function. See more info here and here and here!

Did you know I have an online training program specifically designed for new moms who want to heal their diastasis and look and feel like themselves again? Email me today for more information

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HIIT – Is 10 minutes enough?

High-Intensity Interval Training

Is 10 minutes really enough?

I recently posted about how I haven’t done any long distance endurance training for the past six weeks. Life gets crazy! Work keeps me busy, my one-year-old daughter has more energy than a golden retriever puppy, and my husband has been working longer days, leaving less time for workouts.

Instead, I have focused on short high-intensity workouts to build strength and maintain my endurance. But does that work? Do short high-intensity sessions really increase aerobic metabolism?

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Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunch Ideas

One of the most common strategies that I give to my clients when discussing meal planning is to plan ahead (go figure right)! The easiest way to do this is to make your lunch the night before. This is important for everyone regardless of if you go to work or not…yup, mommies this is for you too!

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